about us

The Carpenters 237 is an ever growing union made up of hundreds of hard working people throughout Central Illinois, standing together for economic progress and fairness on the job.

We work to combine effective strategic planning with strong resources to position ourselves to fight smart at the bargaining table; provide aggressive representation in the workplace; and encourage member participation and involvement.

Our on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs are the leaders in the industry.

our goals

  • 1

    Encourage apprenticeship and training to achieve a higher level of skill. Develop and enforce a higher safety standard, cultivate friendship and good public relations throughout the community.

  • 2

    Assist each other to secure meaningful employment with adequate pay, and promote fringe benefits plans for our members and their families, while ensuring the profitability of our contractor base.

  • 3

    Elevate the moral, intellectual and social condition of all our members and improve the industry in every way possible.

our history

A video showing the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners history and heritage in the United States.